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About D&K Engineering

Experts in Product Design and Contract Manufacturing

D&K Engineering is an international product design and contract manufacturing services company with a proven track record creating breakthrough innovations, designing robust products and generating successful lines of business for its clients. D&K’s capabilities span the entire product life cycle, including requirements definition, systems architecture, concept creation, design, prototyping, manufacturing, and after-market support. D&K’s clients leverage D&K’s proprietary Total Commercialization Solutions™ infrastructure and approach to evolve hardware, systems and content-based product ideas through all phases of design and into stable manufacturing. D&K’s experience-driven engineering, manufacturing and supply chain services get products to market faster with a lower overall cost of development, providing a significant competitive advantage for its customers. D&K Engineering is headquartered in San Diego, California, and has additional sites in Singapore and Malaysia.

For nearly two decades, D&K has had the privilege of partnering with our Clients on over 600 successful product realization journeys that generated more than 500 patents enabling business outcomes in excess of $5 billion.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing is about keeping your organization focused on core capabilities while cost-effectively adding the engineering expertise, supply chain planning and manufacturing capabilities necessary to create and deliver a successful new product. Your company gets just-in-time access to a full spectrum of proven experts that provide forward-looking planning that eliminates obstacles and reduces the overall cost of development.

Why D&K Engineering?

Two product development executives created D&K Engineering to create a better way to bring innovative new products to market. D&K Engineering built its success by delivering a simpler, faster, more effective product development and manufacturing experience. True to our founding mission, working with D&K Engineering is a profoundly better experience differentiated by seven focus areas:

Purpose Driven

The core identity of our company is obsessed with overcoming challenging technical issues and delivering robust, lasting business solutions.

Best Business Outcomes

For our target product profile, we can deliver the highest quality products at the lowest lifetime cost and fastest time to market.

Truly End-to-End

We are one of the only companies who can truly deliver the highest levels of product design and manufacturing services – from inception through obsolescence.

Top-tier Engineering and Innovation Talent

We have market-leading expertise and talent for developing and manufacturing high-innovation content products.

Experience and a Track Record of Success

We have completed hundreds of successful product realization journeys. Examine our product portfolio to learn more information on our successful partnerships.

Total Commercialization Solutions™  (TCS) Approach

We have a proven, state of the art business and technical process to create plans for success and navigate the product realization journey.

A Global Ecosystem and Infrastructure

We have an international footprint, top-tier global supply chain, complementary alliances, and partners. Learn more about our locations and global reach.