Supply Chain Management Services

Strategic Supply Chain Management Company

D&K Engineering has a global portfolio of cost competitive and proven network of suppliers that we can readily deploy to meet our client’s business objectives in a variety of market segments. We take special care to analyze our client’s unique business environment and develop strategic supply chain management solutions that meet their long term objectives. We deliver the right customized supply chain solution to our clients, rather than to adopt a ‘one-size fits all’ solution.
The suppliers must exceed strict compliance requirements to become an approved vendor of the D&K Engineering Supply Chain. Once approved, the suppliers must continuously meet ongoing quality standards, technology, on-time delivery, continuous improvement and price requirements to retain their status in our supply chain consulting services.

Our supplier relationships and supply chain consulting services allow us to maintain low inventory levels and cost effective product supply. Our manufacturing engineering personnel work directly with our suppliers to engage in a process of “Continuous Improvement” to improve quality and reduce part cost by leveraging enhanced technologies and improved processes of the suppliers.

D&K’s clients gain advantage from our extensive strategic Supply Chain Management system by benefiting from low material costs and the ability to respond quickly and effectively to market opportunities.

Supply Chain Consulting Services

  • Supply Chain Mapping and Design
  • Global Sourcing of variety commodity types
  • Supplier Qualification and Audit
  • Materials Management and Handling
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Demand-Supply Matching
  • Supply Chain Lead-time Reduction
  • Commodity Cost Reduction
  • Assurance of Supply Management
  • Procurement Risk Management
  • Supplier Quality Management