The companies’ first commercial product introduction, Axon Therapy is an innovative approach to chronic pain management that utilizes targeted pulsed magnetic fields to stimulate nerves. By delivering focused magnetic pulses directly to the target nerve, Axon therapy aims to reactivate and restore the damaged nerve’s ability to manage pain. This kind of non-invasive magnetic stimulation is currently revolutionizing work in brain stimulation and is now being tested as a more effective solution for chronic nerve pain.

“Patients with long-term nerve pain can experience intolerable physical pain which significantly diminishes their quality of life and can lead to opioid dependencies,” said Shiv Shukla, founder and chief executive officer of NeuraLace Medical. “Our vision is to disrupt chronic pain by democratizing access to sustainable pain relief and Axon Therapy is a big step in that direction.”

Unlike temporary pain that can accompany disease or injury, long-term nerve pain serves no protective benefit. NeuraLace specializes in creating positive outcomes for these patients, many of whom have suffered for years without access to an effective solution.

“NeuraLace is leading the way in developing a fundamentally different kind of neural interface that allows selective and non-invasive nerve targeting that can adapt to the patient in real-time rather than following a preset stimulation protocol,” said Ken Hood, FusionX Ventures Managing Partner. “That’s exactly the kind of game-changing innovation we support and we’re thrilled to help develop a product that will ease so much unnecessary pain.”

Axon Therapy technology was developed in collaboration with the University of San Diego, California and the Veterans Affairs Hospital in San Diego. Mooring Ventures was also involved in the current round of funding.

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About NeuraLace Medical
NeuraLace Medical is a San Diego-based startup building a specialized system for relieving chronic nerve pain that launched in October of 2016. The company recently raised a $2 million seed series venture capital from lead investor FusionX Ventures with additional investment from Mooring Ventures.

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