Digital and 3D Printing

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Digital and 3D Printing

D&K Engineering is a world-wide expert in all aspects of digital printing and has consulted, developed and completed projects with all major printer OEMS over the last two decades. This expertise includes in-depth knowledge of all printing sub-systems and data pipelines. With our master-level staff of engineers that bring decades of printing experience to your project, D&K Engineering will bring your printing idea to market, whether it is 2D, 3D, Inkjet, Piezo, or thermal printing architectures.

D&K Engineering has expertise in all printing sub-systems including the physics of printing, complex microfluidics, thermal management, ink delivery systems, servicing algorithms, print head design, automated media tracking and alignment algorithms, ink degassing, custom vision systems, high-speed date pipelines, and image quality metrics. This expertise enables our engineers to evaluate the entire system and develop an optimized solution to meet your market needs.

Whether it be a commercial/industrial application or a consumer application our depth of expertise is second to none, which some international clients have recognized and chose to work with us.

Why D&K for your next project

• Experts with decades of experience across all printing platforms.
• Subsystem expertise and the ability to integrate for optimal performance.
• Consultative approach to analyze and optimize your solution.
• Due to the depth of expertise, we help you anticipate and avoid the many pitfalls with printing and microfluidic projects which significantly saves time and money getting a more reliable product to market faster than anyone else.
True end-to-end thinking from design through aftermarket support.

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